The good life

June 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

Artefact Design Director, August de los Reyes and user-researcher, Dave McColgin, contributed to the current issue of Arcade magazine, the magazine for architecture and design in the Northwest, released last week.  Addressing the topic of the issue’s theme “The Good Life,” where Ray Gasetil challenges a range of designers, thinkers and activists to respond to this proposal: “To get to the sustainable future we want, we have to stop and remember that our goal can’t just be to live green, it also has to be to live well.”

Dave McColgin and August de los Reyes conducted interviews from two distinct perspectives on the same topic: one from Jessica Geenan, who works for Puget Sound Energy, and the other from Jenny Kam, a freelance designer whose master’s thesis focused on hedonism.  They were both asked an identical set of questions to reveal the facets of the same topic from two independent points of view.

“We should be leading the way and designing with substance, starting by refining and updating our methods to adapt to our changing environment. Sustainability used to be an unquestioned and inherent part ofdesign, nothing like the recent wave of green veneers smacked onto products.  We must design for context and consider the value of our work. Just because you can design something new doesn’t mean it’s an improvement, and designers need to be critical of such practices.” says Kam.

Understanding our perceptions of the good life contributes to Artefact’s on-going discussion of 21st Century Design.

You can read the whole article here.

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