Opening Reading Frames

June 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

Opening Reading Frames (by Paulo Maria Rodrigues)

is a meta-project that aims to develop collective forms of creation/improvisation in multiuser interactive spaces. It builds up from knowledge that has been acquired in projects such as Walking on Earth or CaDaReMi and aims to expand those boundaries and create new challenges that will materialise the idea of interactive spaces as agents of developing relationships between individuals and catalysers of interpersonal communication through sensorial artistic experiences. The designation Opening Reading Frames, besides its immediate meaning, is also a clear quotation of a concept from molecular biology and means, in this context, the capacity to produce different outputs according to the way different agents interact on a code or topology. It is envisaged that different concretisations of ORF will be as far apart as the visualisation/sonification of online information about the human genome (Walking on the Human Genome), the construction of poetic narratives (Story Tailor), the musical exploration of audio information (SurfIN), the construction vocal elements resulting from the hybridisation between music and sound poetry (Soneme) or the construction  of multitrack/multiusers sequencers. The common idea between these possibilities is the fact that the visual and sound output depends on the relationships that the agents (the users) develop between themselves, which is to say that the artist product emerges as a consequence of the interaction between the users.

at e-learning café _ Oporto University _ June 16,17 _10h to 13h

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