Memory and forgetting in the digital age

June 2, 2010 — Leave a comment
Yadin Dudai writes in the New Scientist on books on memory and forgetting in the digital age, as example — Total Recall: How the e-memory revolution will change everything by Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell:

JUST as Molière’s bourgeois gentleman spoke in prose without being aware of it, most of those who fear forgetting do not realise that they have amnesiphobia. But perhaps this tiny lexical blind spot is not important any more. Amnesiphobics, unite and rejoice: Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell now inform us that we need never fear forgetting again. Total recall is around the corner. But alas, in such a world, even our phobia of forgetting cannot be forgotten.

Even if we wished to forget, Bell and Gemmell say, we couldn’t, as somewhere in the cyberspace cloud engulfing us the engram of our old fears will live for eternity – or at least until the software is updated to a version that can’t read the original files


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