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Myotel investigates the feasibility of the deployment of a prototype myofeedback based teletreatment service (MyoTel) that enables subjects with neck shoulder complaints to receive personalised adjusted remotely supervised treatment during their daily activities. The focus is on subjects with work related complaints (occupational health care) and patients with a chronic whiplash (rehabilitation care). Starting point is an on-body myofeedback treatment that has been developed within NEW (QRLT-2000-00139). Positive effect of this treatment were shown in several studies in work related complaints (n=66) and chronic whiplash (n=26). To improve access to the service and increase its efficiency, a teletreatment service was developed subsequently and tested (n=16) in the Netherlands. The IT platform is an existing platform for telemonitoring that has been developed in Mobihealth (IST-2001-36006) and further validated in HS24 (e-ten 517352).
Four main tasks are foreseen:

  • Service needs assessment and implementation of the service in four different Centres of Excellence (Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Germany)
  • Market validation for two health care markets. Evaluation focuses on acceptance of the service, clinical and health economic outcomes
  • Develop a deployment report that forms the starting point for further market deployment and implementation strategies
  • Effective communication and dissemination to the industrial, medical and scientific communities on a European level

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